A great way to improve the aesthetics of teeth is by using Veneers! They are a covering placed over the outside of the tooth and made from porcelain or ceramic. For patients that want to improve the aesthetics of teeth or patients that have large fillings, veneers are typically recommended.

Direct and indirect are the two different techniques that are used when placing veneers. The direct technique can be done in one appointment. It’s done by placing a composite filling material on the outside of the tooth by using a procedure called “bonding”. This technique is more susceptible to staining. The veneers for the indirect technique are made by a ceramist at a dental laboratory. These laboratory-fabricated veneers are one of the best looking options available. The indirect technique is more permanent than the direct technique and more resistant to staining. This technique usually takes two appointments.

Our cosmetic dentists in Delray Beach offer various veneer options customized to suit each patient’s individual needs, preferences, and budget.